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Marks USA Exit Device Options and Accessories

D8SH is proud to offer professional locksmiths and builders with the highly acclaimed Marks USA X-It Devices series of panic-and-fire exit hardware. This value-engineered, UL-Listed, BHMA Grade 1 exit device hardware is stocked at D8SH in depth and shipped in a hurry.

We’re located in Hicksville, NY, and ship nationwide.

Why Marks USA Exit Devices?

Exit devices are something that everyone uses but may not know the name of. They’re the crossbar or push pad door egress system found on many commercial doors. An exit device, or panic device, provides a means of free egress in an emergency, and when fire-rated, they also maintain the integrity of the fire door by positively latching the door to prevent the spread of flames.

Different styles and functions are available to meet the various requirements of different structures and codes, but all are fully compliant with Life Safety Code requirements, including NFPA 101. Marks USA X-It Devices fill an important role in both new construction and older buildings by helping keep costs in check without sacrificing quality and longevity.

At Division 8 Specialty Hardware, Inc., we provide the wholesale distribution of these devices and their accessories and parts.

As a Marks USA exit device supplier, Division 8 Specialty Hardware, Inc., is proud to bring you one of the best exit devices available — and at a price point that will satisfy tight budgets.

They’re easy to install, they match the footprint of many similar devices, like the Von Duprin 99 series, and they are UL-listed for panic and fire. All are BHMA Grade 1 listed, which make these heavy-duty products the right choice to use in schools, offices, and commercial or public buildings.  Marks USA exit devices complement the style of most buildings and offer a lifetime limited warranty.

Why Pick Our Team?

At Division 8 Specialty Hardware, Inc., we believe that we should provide the best customer service available while offering you a vast knowledge base of industry know-how. We easily accommodate time-sensitive projects to deliver you the supplies you need on time.

Our team can also meet unforeseen requirements through our physical inventories of specialized hardware. We are adamant about keeping our client’s information safe and secure.

If you need architecture hardware, like Marks USA exit devices, then Division 8 Specialty Hardware, Inc., can help. Tell us about your project and the quantity of supplies you’re looking for. Call us at (888) 212-3874 to talk about your project’s needs.