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SimpleK Key Control & Facility Mgt Software

SimpleK is state of the art software for managing keys and other credentials in tandem with door hardware and master key system records.  It is particularly useful in facilities with numerous buildings with hundreds or thousands of employees and users.  Fully scalable, and with a host of features and reports, this software is tailored to meet each facility’s needs and is fully implemented and supported by Prosystech and D8SH.



  • SimpleK is key control software that is scalable, flexible and part of a fully integrated solution for Key & Facility Management that can be used from basic stand alone to thousands of users, from Windows to Web based environment, and from tiny to huge scale facilities. No other software on the market today offers such an advanced and complete solution for the management of key control, access credentials,  master key system generation and management along with complete door hardware schedules and building floor plans.
  • SimpleK benefits from the experience of hundreds of other institutions and experts who contribute to the development of SimpleK with their ideas, feedback and suggestions.
  • You benefit from Prosystech’s professional services, and the significant experience of our team on numerous SimpleK integration projects.
  • Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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