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MLHL650S-26D Lever Trim


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Marks USA MLHL650 Series cylindrical lever trims for the M9900 X-it Device series are Fire Rated, BHMA Grade 1 and U.L. Listed. 

4 Functions are available, as well as several keyway broachings and different IC Formats.

The MLHL650 cylindrical chassis lever trim is based on the terrific 195 Survivor Series design, including its robust clutch and smooth operating action. The cylindrical bell housing chassis is thru bolted to a mounting plate on the inside face of the door for the 2-1/8” hole in the traditional manner, but there are 2 additional thru bolt studs spanning these which provide additional lateral support directly from the device head itself. What this does is give a great cylindrical chassis design even more strength for handling the rigors of continuous duty use and standing up to rotational torque forces. 

 Added to the close tolerances and build quality are the stock “C” keyway, the option of 4 different lever styles, broaching options for OEM cylinders by Corbin, Yale, Schlage and Sargent, plus another 7 OEM IC Cylinder Format options ~ and you have a trim assembly that is unlike any other in the USA. 

  • We’re showing the trim here as a “S” Classroom Function, but there are “F” store room function, “N” passage and “DT” dummy trims described below as well. All keyed versions shown are provided in the stock 6-pin “C” kwy, so if you need a special format or keyway, please contact us and we’ll assemble it for you. Same goes for special lever designs. See the special OPTIONS page and CONTACT US when ordering special options and configurations or quantities.  We are here to help you!

MLHL650 Series Specifications

  • Model Shown: MLHL650S-26D CLASSROOM FUNCTION. Outside lever is placed in a locked or unlocked state by key. Comes with Schlage “C” kwy and 2 keys. (Sku PID-3044)
  • For use on medium to wide stile X-it device series, like M9900 and M9900VR.    >> Not for use with M8800 <<
  • For 1-3/4” (44 mm) door thickness. Specify thickness other than 1-3/4”
  • For use on RHR or LHR hollow metal, wood and mineral core doors
  • Minimum Stile Width: 3 1/2” (89 mm)
  • Trim Finish is 626/US26D
  • Fits a standard 161 prep with a 2-¾” backset and 2-1/8″ cross bore for rim device installations.
  • Hand: Non-handed
  • Mounting: Machine screws provided.  (You provide the door edge filler plate if necessary).
  • Wt.: Approx 2 Lbs.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Mechanical Limited Warranty


  • BHMA Listed to ANSI 156.3, Grade 1 exit devices.
  • Hurricane Code Approved for Miami-Dade County Florida acceptance # 06-912.05
  • Florida State Bldg Code listed.
  • U.L and C.U.L. Listed under continuing reinspection programs and standards
  • Meets NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.
  • All “-F” models carry UL 3-hour fire rating.

Other Versions:

  • Model MLHL650F-26D, Provided with C-kwy, 2 keys. Sku PID-3046 (key momentarily unlocks lever, and lever re-locks when key is removed)
  • Model MLHL650N-26D, Passage Function.  Sku PID-3047
  • Option 3: Model MLHL650DT-26D, Inactive dummy trim.  Sku PID-3048
  • Please see the catalog pages under RESOURCES for other keyway and IC format options.  Contact Us Directly for these orders.

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