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At D8SH, we really are friendly and we really are helpful and we really are hardware folks.  We just have no jingle!


Our goal at D8SH is  to do a better job of it  in this industry, and to do it differently than the status quo.   

Since 1974, we  have been and still are locksmiths, safe techs, electronics techs, lock manufacturers, product innovators and specifiers, industry teachers, senior managers, guest speakers, product trainers, distributors, consultants and students.


Suffice to say, we bring a lot to the table, and we love doing it!


Please let us know how we may assist you.


Coordinating Security with Life Safety

Balancing the real need for security with the obligations of Life Safety and Code requires in depth knowledge and experience.   

We help identify security and code issues and offer you the most appropriate solution from a large array of lock and door hardware manufacturers solutions.   And whenever there is any question we cannot answer ourselves, we go straight to other industry experts and AHC's and we find the right answer.   

Government facilities and high-end retail stores, security integration companies and door manufacturers have relied on our consultants for decades for this exact reason. 

We speak the language of Division 8 & 28.    Fluently! 


D8SH in Long Island, NY
D8SH in Long Island, NY

Excellent Customer Service

We recognize the importance of maintaining responsive relationships with each of our clients.  Our strength lies in an ability to manage complex hardware schedules and BoM's, exacting manufacturing requirements and global project logistics - all under critical deadlines.

We are open in New York on weekdays from 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM (local time).

To support urgent requirements, we maintain a specialized inventory to quickly address replacement parts used on client properties.

One industry tenet we hold dear is that the secret of strong security is to keep it a secret.  With respect to that, we keep our client information confidential. 

  • Landmark Buildings
  • Cruise Ships
  • High-end Retail ~ stores and operations

D8SH ~ Coordinating the Vision