Division 8 Specialty Hardware, Inc.

Coordinating the Vision™

Architectural Hardware and Advanced Locking Systems

Division 8 Specialty Hardware, Inc offers expert consultation, material supply and project oversight to some of the world's most prestigious institutions and companies. While we are specialists in the design and application of door hardware to meet Life Safety and Code requirements, we routinely work with specialized engineers and machinists to design and fabricate advanced locking devices for integrated access-control, door automation, and high-security applications. D8SH provides door hardware systems ranging from blast and flood resistant bolt work to the finest, most artistic ironmongery in the world. 

See the new Securitech ABM AUTOBOLT MAX multi-point automatic deadlock system in action!

Who We Are

We are an independent, specialized architectural hardware house comprised of professional lock experts based in the New York City metropolitan area. We serve a private clientele with high-profile facilities worldwide.  We are regarded by our peers as among the most knowledgeable people in the industry about advanced locking systems.  That reputation has been earned having worked for 45 years in the high value jewelry and precious metals industry and government sector. We are teachers, speakers and consultants who routinely assist industrial, institutional, government, healthcare and educational facilities in major cities throughout the United States.  Internationally, we maintain relationships at high profile facilities in dozens of countries on six continents.

Merging Life Safety, Security and Code Compliance with architectural vision requires specialized knowledge

Merging Life Safety, Security and Code Compliance with architectural vision requires specialized knowledge


Coordinating our client's hardware needs to meet those requirements is our  vision

What We Offer

We utilize products from many recognized manufacturers, but we elect to remain fully independent from brand alliances. Consequently, we do not affiliate ourselves with any one “family” of products nor do we promote one brand over another to meet sales quotas for discount programs, as is the norm today. While that business model may work for some, it is most certainly not in our clients' best interests.

Instead, we focus on what security solution is best suited for each application, regardless of brand.

Adhering to this policy imparts the following benefits:

  • A far deeper knowledgebase to draw from
  • An array of product solutions, rather than one, and with specific recommendations
  • Clients are apprised, and not “steered” to any one brand.

Examples of What we Offer

  • Scheduling, Coordination and Project Management
  • Product Training & Certifications
  • Life Safety and Code Compliance Reviews
  • Pre-JCAHO inspections
  • Back of House (BOH) Retail
  • Front of House (FOH) Retail
  • Cruise Ship Retail Support
  • Mantrap design and integration
  • Sally Port systems
  • Behavioral Health Care Hdw
  • Safe Room locking systems
  • Mechanical and Electronic Instant Lock Down integration for K-12 Schools and Universities
  • Blast and Pressure Resistant Hardware including Windstorm and Explosion Proof Hardware
  • High Security Multi-Point Auto Deadlocking systems
  • Design, Engineering and Fabrication Services
  • High Security Master Key System Design
  • Key Control Software Implementation and training

Why Choose Us

Offering a Full Scope of Services

D8SH is expert in the design, coordination and implementation of door hardware and advanced locking systems.  Our service is a process of collaboration with architects and facility leadership from project inception to completion.

We are available for architectural design meetings and site walk-thru’s.  We generate hardware schedules and manage electrical hardware coordination and planning with cable companies and system integrators.  We provide consultations and services internationally, including on-site surveys for force protection. 

Skilled and Experienced Team

Our team members each have decades of experience in the lock and safe industry.  We are well known for arriving at solutions which balance the need for high security with the priorities of life safety, fire and building code compliance.

Timely Delivery of Products and Services

We ship worldwide to meet the sensitive schedules of critical projects, including coordinating port deliveries with cruise ship arrivals.  To do this, we often pre-order and pre-pay for long lead items well in advance of client need, and we do so far in advance of receiving purchase orders. This unheard of accommodation means that our client’s hardware is staged and ready to ship before it is needed on their job site or dock.

It takes outstanding customer relations skills to do this, and we are fortunate to have earned such relationships with many of our valued clients and vendors.  Our goal is to maintain lifelong relationships with our customers and our vendors, and we excel at both.