Division 8 Specialty Hardware, Inc.

Coordinating the Vision™

Architectural Hardware and Advanced Locking Systems

When it comes to commercial and institutional door hardware, Division 8 Specialty Hardware  offers a deep well of knowledge and long project management experience, as we proudly supply some of the world's most prestigious institutions and landmark buildings.  We are experts in all conventional Grade 1 hardware as well as more advanced electrical multi-point locking devices and controls for high tower, lock down, man traps and door automation.  We're the facility and security integrator's friend because we're masters at identifying hardware and pinpointing conflicts.  Our consultants have been utilized for decades for this exact purpose, across the USA and abroad.

Our experience produces smarter solutions.

We supply specialized mechanical and electrified door hardware for a wide range of purposes and design intents.  These include elegant building entries and stunning retail galleries at one extreme, to sally ports and blast doors at the other.  We serve universities, hospitals, high-end retail stores and government agencies of every type.  

D8SH is committed to full compliance with Life Safety, Fire and Building Code regulations.  We offer a full spectrum of rated fire exit devices and panic hardware, fail safe and fail secure mortise and cylindrical locks for access control, specialized pivots, power transfers, door closers, and sometimes just some really pretty ironmongery that architects pick out!

Door Hardware has its own unique language.  We Speak Division 8/28!

Who We Are

D8SH is an independent and specialized architectural hardware house, comprised of professional lock experts within the New York City metropolitan area. We serve specific clients, particularly those with facilities located worldwide.  We provide expert and unbiased specification assistance and scheduling along with full global logistics support.  We supply door hardware from every respected manufacturer in this industry and we do not subscribe to branding compacts.  


We are requested for our expertise in high-end and advanced locking methods, and door hardware solutions for security integration and automation. Our reputation has been earned having worked at every level in this industry for 45 years.  We advise architects, security and facility directors and building administrators involved in Division 8 and Division 28 projects throughout the United States and abroad.  

Merging Life Safety, Security and Code Compliance with architectural vision requires specialized knowledge

Merging Life Safety, Security and Code Compliance with architectural vision requires specialized knowledge


Coordinating our client's hardware needs to meet those requirements is our  vision

What We Offer You

It is D8SH policy to remain independent from door hardware manufacturing allegiances.  Instead, we specify and supply quality door hardware products from All  respected manufacturers.   This stratagem promotes a more "unattached" specifying environment for us, and grants us access to the industry's full spectrum of resources for making wiser recommendations to our customers.    

This D8SH principle imparts a sequence of benefits to our valued clients:

  • We offer a deep well of indutry knowledge and know how.
  • D8SH then provides appropriate solutions tailored to fit each project's unique needs.
  • When our clients are better informed, their decisions are more informed.

Our Services

  • Scheduling, Coordination and Project Management
  • Life Safety, Code and Security Door Hardware Reviews
  • High-end Retail FOH showroom and BOH operations hardware
  • High Security Industrial Locking Devices
  • Cruise Ships retail support with specialized door hardware and Int'l logistics
  • Safe Haven locks and code compliant lockdown systems
  • High tower, sally port and mantrap locks and controls for building and fire system automation
  • High Security Multi-Point Deadlocking systems
  • Lock Design, Engineering and Fabrication Services
  • High Security Master Key System Design and Management
  • Prosystech SimpleK Key Control Software sales, implementation, support and training

Why Choose Us

We offer a broad scope of design and support services

Our highest level of service for new construction projects includes full coordination and support of:

  • architects and designers
  • administration and facility personnel
  • construction management
  • engineering and production
  • machinists, fabricators and installers

We assist in the development of the hardware schedule so it is correct from inception

We provide professional submittals, templates and ptp wiring schematics

We work with manufacturers and engineering on custom controls and lock design requirements

We work seamlessly with mill works and door fabricators to coordinate drawings and templates

We greatly simplify the check-in process of hardware on site for project managers by providing our proprietary system developed for this purpose

We provide ongoing support for warranty, parts, maintenance and repairs, updates, training and more

D8SH -

  • Participates in the Div. 8 and Div. 28 architectural hardware selection process so that the architectural design intent is coordinated correctly with the actual doors, frames and hardware on site. 
  • Updates existing Standards and Hardware Schedules. 
  • Performs site surveys and consultations.
  • Implements key control software for managing large facility master key systems and hdw schedules for buildings and personnel.
  • Designs hardware and device controllers for door automation, building fire and security integration. 

Skilled and experienced team

Our experts have decades of experience in the lock and safe industry. Each.   

We are known for providing solid solutions that balance the need for building security with the requirements of life safety, fire and building code.

Global Logistics for the accurate delivery of products and services

We ship worldwide and routinely meet the time sensitive schedules of construction projects, including coordinating urgent port deliveries for arriving cruise ship support.  To do this, we may pre-order and pre-pay for long lead items well in advance of client need, and we do so even in advance of receiving purchase orders. This unheard of practice means that our client’s hardware is getting manufactured and staged before it is needed on their job site or dock.  We strive to eliminate long manufacturing lead time issues by anticipating our customer's needs and being preemptive with special order materials.  This helps vendors and contractors alike, and our customers are not delayed.

It takes outstanding customer relations to do that, and we are proud to have achieved that professional bond with so many.  Our goal is to continuously build and maintain lifelong connections with both our customers and our vendors.